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In 1949 two of the most famous women in Britain met in a fashionable Mayfair beauty salon. One was the film star Anna Neagle and the other was the wartime heroine Odette. Under the gentle hands of their young beautician they were to reveal the explosive secrets that neither the press nor the Gestapo ever discovered.

Based on a true account of their meetings in Mayfair during the filming of the movie “Odette”, the star of the film and the subject of the film formed a very special and lasting friendship. 

Written by: Jennifer Selway
Originally directed by: John Plews

Cast comprises:  3 female roles.
One Act: approximately 80 minutes


The play is set at Elstree Film Studios, Hertfordshire and in the Cyclax Beauty Salon in South Molton Street,  Mayfair over several months in 1949/50.


During the Second World War Odette Churchill was one of the few female members of the S.O.E.  This was the group of volunteers sent to occupied France to assist the French Resistance in their undercover work disrupting the Nazi rule.  She acquired the surname Churchill when she married fellow S.O.E. operative Peter Churchill and the surname helped to keep the pair alive when they were captured by the Gestapo.  The Germans assumed they were relations of Winston and thought they could use them as bargaining power.  Following prolonged torture Odette was sent to Ravensbruck Concentration Camp.  She survived the ordeal and eventually returned to England where she divorced Peter Churchill and under the name Odette Hallowes was awarded the George Cross and M.B.E. for services to her Country.  In 1949 a film was made of her life story directed by Herbert Wilcox and starring his wife Anna Neagle as Odette.  The play centres around the conversations between Odette, Anna Neagle and the beautician who treated them both in the Cyclax Beauty Salon.


Anna Neagle: well known British Actress
Playing Age: 45 

Odette Churchill: former WW2 British Intelligence Officer
Playing Age: 37 

Patricia Wade: beautician at the Cyclax Salon 
Playing Age: 26


Act One: Scene One – One chair plus an old film studio style lantern.
The remainder of the action takes place on a single set. Based on the Cyclax Beauty Salon in Mayfair circa 1949.
One entrance 
A beautician’s couch and chair 
Sink Unit  


The play is set at Elstree Film Studios, Hertfordshire and in the Cyclax Beauty Salon in South Molton Street,  Mayfair over several months in 1949/50.       



1)  Incidental music from Boris Vian and his Orchestra recorded live at the Tabou Club, Paris, in 1949.

2) 1940’s telephone ring

3) Male director’s off stage voice – Act One, Scene One


“Treating Odette” is available for both professional and amateur companies in the UK and the rest of the world.  

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